The New York Art

Phil Binaco New Paintings 

There are times when the idea of beauty can be synonymous with mystery. This thought comes to mind regarding Binaco’s paintings; each square canvas is a variation on the theme of light and shade in which the shade is inflected with the faintest of darkness. Within the alchemy of translucent wax, resin and crisp incisions that mark the surface of this work, lies the clue to it’s content. That content is light itself, intangibly captured within the work’s thick surface.

 A pictorial depth of field, which begins a few inches behind the painting, extends out to the viewer by way of a unique, diffusive optical vibration. Layers of pale wax on the painting trap the light, just as the vertical, pigmented incisions on the surface deflect it; obscuring the intricate exchange between light and surface.

 Possibly through its luminous, soft focus surfaces, and somewhat due to its monochromatic, mantra-like presence, these meticulously calibrated, subtly sensual artworks retain a numinous presence. They appeal to the visual cortex as well as the mind, coaxing meaning out of cryptic lines that run vertically across the paintings’ surface. Each work resonates within the parameters of wax surfaces layered on top of one another, creating geometric and linear rhythms that continue to mystify beyond the surface exterior.